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          DAAC bullet  Regatta local status Regatta details of 'local' status qualification for entrants
          DAAC bullet  Regatta Fun Run Regatta Fun Run - ages, entry details, route details
          DAAC bullet  Regatta results Regatta past years results with the following results available >>>>>
                    DAAC bullet  28/Aug/2004 Regatta results for 2004
                    DAAC bullet  30/Aug/2003 Regatta results for 2003
                    DAAC bullet  31/Aug/2002 Regatta results for 2002
                    DAAC bullet  1/Sep/2001 Regatta results for 2001
                    DAAC bullet  26/Aug/2000 Regatta results for 2000
                    DAAC bullet  28/Aug/1999 Regatta results for 1999
          DAAC bullet  Prizes and trophies Regatta Prizes and Trophies - prize categories, names of trophies, records held
            New in 2004 - past winners of each prize and trophy
          DAAC bullet  Regatta History Regatta Road Races History

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